The America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band- the Aerosmith

Aerosmith rock band is based in Boston US. We are the best rock band using the style of blue-based rock. Besides inspiring many rock artists, we also incorporate pop and rhythm and blues in our songs. Formed in 1970 by Joe Perry [the guitarist], Tom Hamiliton [the bassist], Joey Krammer [the drummer], Steven Tyler [the pianist/vocalist and harmonist] and Ray Tabano [the guitarist] the rock band is still in existence.

We started developing in Boston and we were signed by the Columbia Records two years after we started our operations. We released our first album 'Eponymous Debut Album' in 1973 followed by 'Get Your Wings' the next year. Series of albums followed later and this made us famous to fans all over the world.

Perry and Whitford departed the rock group in 1979 and 1981 respectively. Consequently Jimmy Crespo and Dick Dufay replaced them. The split was fueled by internal feuds and drug addiction from some members of the rock band.

Despite all the challenges aerosmith band is the best selling American hard rock band that has ever been in existence.

Is The Band Mr. Big Still Active?

So what happened to Mr. Big band? Why aren’t they as popular as before? Well, for starters, they are still doing music as a group despite internal wrangles. The group broke up in 2002, but then later reunited in 2009 after cries and requests from their fans.

Formed in 1988, the group is still strong even though they aren’t as popular as before. Their most memorable and popular song is the To Be With You song, which reached number one spot in more than 15 countries in 1992.

The Mr. Big band released another album in 2014, which was their eight studio album. The album, The Stories We Could Tell, was produced by Pat Regan, which was a comeback after more than 15 years.

Given that their drummer, Pat Torpey, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and that he couldn’t play well, he was helped by drum programmer. For the tour, Pat Torpey will be filled by Matt Starr.

The group’s comeback is hopefully going to make changes and bring back the good old days.

The 50th Anniversary Of The Amazing Successful Music Career Of The Scorpion Music Band

Actually, the Scorpion music band has come to be known as one of the most successful band of the century. After its inception in 1965 in Germany in a place known as Hannover, this amazing and energetic musical band transcended against all odds and provided its fans with the rock music. The impact they left is still felt in our current days as its fans celebrate its 50th anniversary.

One of the interesting facts is that on November this year, the Scorpion music band is imminently planning to unleash its Deluxe Editions to actually celebrate 50 years in the music industry. The band will actually be playing some of its most popular hits as they entertain the fans who will be enjoined while celebrating what they have achieved in the last 50 years.

More so, the fans will be ready to listen to the new tunes from the Scorpion music band, which have not yet been released and this is meant to spice up the entertainment mood. Others will include live performance presented by footage, different types of rock mixes and different versions of their original songs which will have been created. This would absolutely means a total full package of entertainment from the Scorpion music band.

What the fans should also expect include a collection of DVDs and CDs with unique photos and covers and mostly with some content of live performance that would stimulate them. Some of the major hit songs would emanate from albums such as “Love At First Sting”, “Blackout”, “Savage Amusement”, “World Wide Live” and “Love Drive”. Some of the songs from the Scorpion music band that would bring exhilaration from the crowd include “Rock You Like A Hurricane”, “Dynamite”, “Still loving You” and “In Trance” among many others.

Furthermore, as the Scorpion music band will be engaged in an exclusive interview about their music journey from where they started, one will be able to understand the idea behind their creativity and what motivated them to give their best. This is actually a moment to reflect on the contribution that the Scorpion music band brought into the music industry.

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